Ak nepoznáte správnu odpoveď, nechajte otázku nevyplnenú.

  1. Hi, David. How you?
  2. It is apple.
  3. He is my son. name is John.
  4. My mother's brother is my .
  5. you like skiing?
  6. She is from Portugal. She is .
  7. He usually at seven o´clock.
  8. What you do yesterday?
  9. Yesterday morning she early.
  10. What are you doing? I a book.
  11. She work on Sundays.
  12. How you travel to work?
  13. a telephone.
  14. They can speak English, but they speak German.
  15. My daughter new jeans.
  16. you like a drink? Yeas, please.
  17. There aren´t eggs in a fridge.
  18. How money do you have?
  19. The city is than the country.
  20. never been to the U.S.A.
  21. I was born May 15.
  22. I hope good job in Ireland.
  23. Last month they an accident.
  24. Federer is tennis player.
  25. Have you ever to a rock concert?
  26. I her for years.
  27. The shop by a man called Jim Robinson.
  28. If I a princess, I´d live in a palace.
  29. How long in London?
  30. They got married in June 2000. They only one week earlier at a party.
  31. I´m going something.
  32. I´m looking my glasses. They must be somewhere here.
  33. If I see David, tell him the news.
  34. If I had a lot of money, buy a car.
  35. What would you do if you a burglar in your home?
  36. I want to travel the world. .
  37. How long learning English ?
  38. It´s a beautiful day, ?
  39. It´s so romantic. They´re really love.
  40. He asked if I married.
  41. When I arrived home, my mother already left.
  42. He went out, his books in the classroom.
  43. I´m looking forward your letter.
  44. Who the window?
  45. I with my grandaparents in the country.
  46. Let´s home.
  47. I had the lunch with colleague.
  48. What did you expect to be when you grew up? I no idea.
  49. You really enjoy playing tennis, Jane, you?
  50. We wish you .